January 17, 2022 Kirk Rudy

Solvent ink cartridges such as HP2580, HP2590, and General’s IQ990, are classified as hazardous materials due the fact that the main ingredient is alcohol.

There are strict regulations for shipping haz-mat items. In fact, you have to be a certified haz-mat shipper (which we are) in order to send these items. The US Postal Service does not allow ANY hazardous materials to be sent. UPS, FedEx, and DHL all have various regulations for shipping these dangerous goods.

Shipping ground service is the least regulated. Items have to be shipped in a rigid cardboard box with a special label, and have the proper cushioning. Each cartridge has to be shrink wrapped and multiple cartridges have to be contained in a sealed poly bag. There are limitations on the number of cartridges per box. However, there is no additional charge for shipping solvent inks properly by ground service.

For air services, such as Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, etc., many carriers add hefty surcharges to their air shipping rates, and require quite a bit of additional paper work. These packages must be handled carefully and, in most cases, be inspected by the carrier to determine that the package will be safe for airplane travel. Unfortunately, this can actually cause delays, as the shipper may not be able to properly inspect the package on time, therefore delaying delivery time. Most carriers do not guarantee delivery time on air shipping solvents.

We are only certified to ship haz-mat through UPS. If you need any of our solvent ink cartridges shipped by air, at checkout you MUST choose Air Shipping Solvent Inks for $185.00 (not regular UPS Air or 2nd Day Air). If you do not choose this, we will not be able to process your order, and it will be cancelled and refunded back to your credit card.

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